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"Charlotte's Leading Health Coach Authority"

Ali Brigham, MA, CHHC, NANP Certified Holistic Health Coach


Are you overwhelmed and frustrated by conflicting information as to what you should eat? Tried so many different diets and just ended up feeling worse? I know how that feels. Before I discovered nutrition science in graduate school, I was overweight, had several chronic illnesses and no diets, gyms or doctors were able to help. 


My name is Ali Brigham. I have spent the last 29 years researching the relationship between diet and health. My own personal journey to wellness was riddled with illness, anxiety and a constant battle with weight. After years of yo-yo dieting and struggling with chronic illnesses in my teens and 20's, it was an enormous relief to discover the key to life-long weight control and optimum health.

I am on a mission to free people from the ineffective diet mindset and the useless cycle of calorie restrictive dieting and extreme exercise, so they can get back in touch with their bodies, enjoy food, and let the excess pounds melt away, without feeling a drop of deprivation. My approach is simple, proven, and realistic.  ​


Weight Issues

Digestive Disorders

Hormone Imbalances


Autoimmune Conditions

High Cholesterol


Customized Eating Plans

Athletic Performance Optimization


Customized Weight Loss Plans

Meal Planning & Recipes

Helping Kids and Families


Ali Brigham, MA, CHHC, NANP  
Certified Holistic Health Coach

I have made it my life's work to BE THE SOLUTION for you!  My holistic approach of teaching you how to nourish your body with whole foods, remove toxins, manage sleep and stress, and balance hormones, is the key for 'forever' weight loss and keeping you healthy for years to come.  

To see how I was trained, and to learn more about the importance of a health coach, CLICK HERE.

How It Works

Step 1: Free Phone Consultation

Get started with your free 20-30 minute phone consultation.  Here we'll discuss a bit about your current situation and background, and what your desired outcomes would be from working with me. I will explain how I can help you reach your goals and go into more detail about the process.  If I feel we are a good fit to work with one another, we will conclude by scheduling your initial session.

Step 2: Initial Session

Your first session will last approximately 60-90 minutes.  I will ask you very key, poignant questions, which will allow me to build a custom plan for YOU!  Before you leave, you will have a starter program in hand, which will allow you to get going when you walk out the door!  Over the next 3-4 days, I will build your detailed, personalized plan, which we will review together at our next visit.

Step 3: Ongoing Support

Many clients will come back for subsequent sessions for accountability purposes, or to provide feedback for further refinement of their programs.  There is absolutely no commitment required, or membership of any kind.  If you wish to continue beyond the review of your customized nutrition program, there are a number of incentive packages available to you, which we can discuss in detail. 

Ali’s personalized nutrition plan has literally changed my life! I came to her with recurrent digestive issues, severe brain fog, fatigue and generally just not feeling well. I was frustrated that my physician could not figure out why I was feeling this way and wanted to treat me for depression and anxiety! Not wanting to be put on more medicines I decided to try a more holistic approach but had no idea where to begin. By luck, I found Ali.


"The food you eat can be the safest form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison"

-Anne Wigmore

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